Last words

You keep calling me Yelling my name Cursing my name Moaning my name Say it Scratchy, hoarsh, tired It will make you rue the day. 

Wake up kisses

Babies are weird Trying to understand you is hard baby. What are you staring at? What are you saying hi to? Why are you spilling milk when you asked for it? Babies are weird. Why you love so much? Why you wake up and give me kisses? You can lick your elbow dont hurt yourself. … More Wake up kisses

You are a civilization built on hard word and dedication. Every cut is a road and every bulging would is a skyscraper. Your hair a wave of forest and trees. Your eyes your education. Your legs your foundation always moving foward to new eras.  You shall grow history. Learn from it. Then repeat it.  Your … More


Watching you be as strong as you are is not easy. I watch you do it everyday as if you were the Sun, the moon, and the stars.  You wake up as the moon and splash into the horizon only to rise a the sun. Fire born and releasing energy as you past along every … More Abundance