Getting better (IMO) at drawing men. Might be able to restart drawing my comic.  Advertisements

Post Range

My main goal next week is to properly redraw this. Redraw it again and then color it. I shall get back to you guys with my progress. 

Trying to work on not shading but still creating form. My style needs some work so leave some advice in the comment section if you guys have any tips. 

End of Hiatus 

Sorry for the hiatus college is getting a little rough. Also a certain little girl is getting potty trained. I shall continue posting starting tomorrow. As always enjoy!

Intro to Grey

Hi again. Im trying out art styles and for how to draw my characters and im a bit stuck. This one of my favorite characters Grey. And I experimented with styles on him. If anyone has advice full free to comment below. Thank you and as always Enjoy!


Haven’t been drawing recently after starting school again. Starting with some sketches of my homies. Obviously changed theirs names cause they would wine a little. I hope you enjoy!

Trying something new

Drawing my Original Character Pan Ha in a different  style. Honestly I think her personality changes in this style. Instead of being a laid back, glutton, she’s a ingenious foodie with a mean streak. I don’t like making obviously mean characters, I hate bullies. But I kid of like her in this stlye, she looks … More Trying something new