Mild child

I prefer being childish and passionate. The fighting, kicking and screaming way. People seem more open and honest. I could reach into you and get more than a handful. I don’t get cold logic and responsibilities. They break off bits and pieces of me. I would see you and see manipulation. Something I’m shamefully good … More Mild child

Cold experience

I cup my freezing hands over my mouth to breathe warmth into them. I’m alone in isolation right out side your field of vision. Your warm with your book of homely thoughts and whispers. I breathe only to moisten my already frozen hands. And again I realize I am a fool.

Trying something new

Drawing my Original Character Pan Ha in a different  style. Honestly I think her personality changes in this style. Instead of being a laid back, glutton, she’s a ingenious foodie with a mean streak. I don’t like making obviously mean characters, I hate bullies. But I kid of like her in this stlye, she looks … More Trying something new

Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared before. The way you look at me is frightening and heated. You grab me without a single touch and shake me. Then you disappeared. Leaving me with these fears and I flinch on a whim. So you burn me with your furious eyes. Making me shiver … More

Scented comfort

Quick hands and lavender scents Soft ways and vanilla breathes. Hard covers for the acid smells. Your sweet aroma is a spell. Predictable with your linen. And unforgettable in the air.