Do rites and ice tea.

Cravings are likely the equivalent to addiction. Almost in the sense that you want something to the extant of feeling the fathom sensation of when you have it. Working your way around the withdrawal is like Slowly becoming the hulk. I think food, especially anything savory is a drug. Advertisements

30 years of poking

I caution you, you…you. For I shall drag you to the deepest depth of hell by your throat. I shall burnden you with my words of hot headness. I slam your face inward and outward. Struggle as I stumble clumsily around your sore bones. Your bones shall burn hot with my rage.

Hot cocoa

Tiny home, timy soul filled to the brim. Crushed by faith from within. Lighting your way past ice and cold. Hush your eyes and breathe in my warmth.

New years word

Bring on and sit down and settle for my words and none elses. Bring down and cast opinions and facts out the way. For your words are working magic and powers on my soul and breath and breathe. But they look strange on paper. A serious code and hassle to my eyes and ears. You … More New years word