I have a question!

Hello everyone, I have a very nice challenge for you. I’ve been having a question popping into my head for some years now and usually ask very plain religious people to answer it. So I come to you creative individuals for an answer. “Why would God want to be human?” A crazy question right? Well … More I have a question!

Grandpa knows

Warm times and sometimes we laugh. Harsh times and so I can’t. Look here and tell me what my problem is. I am open and closed and as I am. For I am a sad man.


Next month I wil be be advertising my newest project, “Underrated”, a web comic! I hope you all will be interested in reading it. Its a little crude but I hope yoy will give it a try.

Places, places

Take your place below me, for I am king. Take your place slowly and carfully. Examine your heart and pride and lower it before me. Or so I  should say… But what is pride and heart if not proud. Weakness is not submission it is gratifying and graceful. It will make you strong.

Nobel affection

Artfully I bring myself to your level. Gracefully hiding in your shadow. You want me to be your nobel and I am. You want me to be by your side and I am. Being pampered is pleasant. But there is difference between our pleasantries. Taken, that you are a peasant. Given, I am your queen.