☆In coming story☆

I have a new series I’m working on called H9: The Ends of Everything. It is a 10 chapter Syfy series that ive been working on. I belive everyone will like it and I look forward uploading the first chapter later next week. But for now I will upload the synopsis. Please enjoy!

“H9: The Ends of Everything”

” In the mix of everything life was created. Slowly it rose and fell to great heights and depths. Touching everything within its realm. And soon they would touch the ends of everything. On the edge of everything sat a small planet. Beyond the planet was a dark cover were no light shone and no life inhabited. The most curious of all life, humans, traveled from afar to search the planet. They looked for life and meaning to the ends of everything. Inside the smallest planet with the greenest grass and the bluest sky laid a technology beyond even the greatest of minds. What they found would start the biggest war of all time and all life would fight with weapons of death and destruction.”


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