She likes the way you talk when your silent. The way you speak in volumes. Crushing silence is louder then the most painful scream. Surely you realized the power you’ve granted her. No? Well let me bring it to your anttention. She can focus on your body and tell what ails you. She can tell … More Volumes


Stop calling me baby. Just scream my name. I want it to be loud. So scream and yell. Til your voice is horase. And not saying it gives you hell.

Waking up lonly

You watch her sleep and wonder tonight might be the night she dreams about you. But what will that do for you? You will never be the one she falls in love with if she dreams about you… Unless you are just a dream.

The long sentence

“Quick and easy”, says the heart, slowly as it rises past the midmorning prayer, crushing its self into something even more gross then your words could ever make it, and yet you sit there and you drag out your guilty words and you drag out your empty sorrow and pray to god it slows  down … More The long sentence