The Ambition of Kate

It rained hard at the beach as I sat down hard on the porch. I really wanted to leave but the rain left me stranded and a storm would come leaving me alone once again with my thoughts as my brothers screamed and hollered. The twins rolled  themselves within blankets making themselves small. “Kate get in here!” My eldest brother yelled from the living room. He was watching me I could tell, I could always tell. My brother stormed onto the porch and snatched me up dragging me into the beach house.

“Brother please put me down.” I said calm and lifeless as I always did. Instead of an answer I was giving a slap on the thigh I could hardly feel and was sat next to my burrito brothers. My brother walked to the kitchen and continued to make our lonely dinner.

“Kate you never listen, what do you think is happening out there?” He asked, probably rhetorical, “Kittens and ducks aren’t flying from the sky to kiss you!” He slammed the door of the refrigerator.

“That would be amusing.” I said. I wouldn’t really know I never found anything amusing. I sat Indian style on the soft rug, I could care less where I sat, I preferred the sand anyway.

“Is it dinner time yet!” Screamed the twins. They never talked one at a time so I always assumed they would rather be one person but I would be wrong. Kade was childish and friendly who loved to sit quietly, while Kaden was childishly selfish and loved to be loud.

“Its almost done.” He said angrily. My brother was always angry, “Kaelyn get in here or I will haul your ass to hell and back.” He screamed down the hallway.

“I’m here, I’m here” said my brother a little older than me. He seemed sadder today, more than usual, It made me want to leave, it suffocated me. So I stared at the twins as the screamed something about a ‘worm war’ and climbed onto the couch.

“Where the hell is Kae.” He shouted. He was getting angrier than usual. I looked at the table where my younger brother, older than the twins, sat under the table. He was hidden by the long table cloth. He giggled and looked out from under shyly.

“Kaden I’m here!” He said as he smiled up at him. “Kade and Kadie are jumping on the couch.” He laughed. He crawled from under the table to meet them. A knock at the door halted everything, everyone looked at each other while I looked at the door.

Kaden cleared his throat.”Kate open the door.” He said. I looked at him then at the door.

“Are you sure?” I said.

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t know.” I said. I stood and dusted of my white dress, I never thought about who might be behind the door but now I felt nervous. I sighed and walked to the door slowly.

“Are you sure?” Asked Kae.

“I don’t know.” I said as I stopped. The knocking continued as my heart raced, I stepped closer, slower, like I was a snail.

“Are you sure?” Asked the twins. My body became heavy and I couldn’t breath and I stopped.

“I don’t know!” I choked. I walked forward, only a few more steps, but the knock felt loud and I realize it was my heart. My heart knocked loudly and I looked at the door and the knocking became faint.

“Are you sure?” Asked Kaelyn whimpering.

“I think I’m sure!” I screamed and leaped to the door. I ripped off the locks but I couldn’t see who was outside even though  the door was glass. I twisted the knob but stopped, “Am I sure?” I whispered to myself. “I’m sure.” I sighed.

I opened the door and saw a child the same height as me. She wore a rose colored dress and a smile, bright and full of life. Her dark curly hair shone bright in the sun light as the rain clouds parted and I took a deep breath. My heart burst when she looked at me.

“Hello” she said stealing my voice to do so.

“Hello” I spoke back and realized I wouldn’t be eating my lonely dinner ever again.


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