I would like to post and share work from amateur artist and authors. I have lately seen sites that allow fan art and fanfiction but I would rather see what the artist is capable of when its their own idea. So if you draw, do photography, or create stories, or even just poems. Please take … More Submissions!

Daily Poem

Suddenly I noticed that walking through life is boring. I rather wiggle on my stomach and fly. Why be normal in my cookie cutter life? I expect to be unique even if I am a copy.

Daily poem

I’ve yet to question why I stay in my little world and hold little worries about the outside. I’ve yet to question why I’m so afraid to look beyond what I know and feel the sigh of relief to know I’m alone and its okay. I’ve yet to fully qualify to question anything I do, … More Daily poem

Daily poem

Today I handle things I’ve never thought I would. I promise you I do my best at everything I try. Now, I know somtimes my best in most situations is below its usual glory but I really tried today. But im at a lost becuase today my best resulted in a break down of why … More Daily poem