Queen of her Guard Chapter 3

Queen Alia entered the thrown room along with Lucian and Dahlon. “Captian Falk you’ve summoned me while I am at work, guards arrest this man.” She commanded as she walked closer to him. The guards closed in on him and panicked.

“Your Majesty wait! I come to you with desperate news. The Northen state, Lyrine, has fallen into a ice and snow. People have evacuated to the nearest city with hopes of survival. Hundreds are uncounted for, mostly children and elderly.”he said in desperation.

“Good, I’m an truly sorry for the fright I wanted you to speak quickly without  formalities. How do your men fair captain?” She said standing right infront of him.

“They are arranging for all states to prepare for the storm. They rationed out food, water and blankets in every region to lessen casualties.” He said straightening.

“Secure the northen states completely. They should be a curfew and guards ready to evacute due south if the storm worsens.” She ordered.

“Understood! I will have my men ready before tomorrow morning” He saluted and exited the thrown room.

“Lucian please pack, it seems our intruder has spoken the truth. Dahlon accompany me to my room, we shall discuss this prophecy further.” Alia commanded and started to exit.

“My lady.” Lucian said as he grabbed a hold of her hand and looked into her eyes. Alia hesitated as she looked back fearing he may say something to undo her.

“Yes Lucian.” She looked into his eyes as he leaned into her ear.

“Please be careful as to not lead a man on with your invitations to your room. Its embarrassing to see you fail at wooing a gentleman such Sir Dahlon.” He whispered and exited the thrown room.

Alia stomped her way past him as Dahlon cackled away behind her. “Sir Lucian!” She said furious at the man she deemed her knight. He stopped with a puzzled look on his face. “You are ignorant as you are strong.” She growled. She turned and stormed off in direction of her room.

Dahlon had stopped laughing but still let out the occasional chuckle. “Silence prince Dahlon, I am unworthy of your petty laughter.” She said as she opened the door of her room to find a young boy in her room.

“Oh! Please excuse me dear queen.” Said the boy hopping of his position on his desk. “I only wish to have an audience with you.” He said. The boy couldnt have been older than ten years and had pitch black hair such as the queens. He had a heavy Hanseni accent that melted her heart.

“How did you get in here, young one?” She pulled out her sword. Steady and aiming around the room. Magic allowed anyone to look anyway. She decided to be safe rather than surprised if the child turned into a grown man.

“I – I’m sorry dear queen I swear I mean no harm I just wish that you hear me out.” He apologized running behind her large desk.

“Speak boy.” She snarled. She didnt trust a child that could sneak into her very room. Her safeway from the world around her. ‘How many men today will I be violated by.’ She thought.

“I have a message for you, here.” He said peering over the desk and tossed a folded paper. “It was given to me by one of the men who bombed the gate I live by.” She picked it up and looked at the paper.

” ‘Take him with you he shall lead the way.’ ” she read aloud. “What is that supposed to mean?” She looked at Dahlon. He shrugged and went over to the boy.

“What does is it mean?” He asked and picked the boy up sitting him on the desk.

“Ive no idea, I remember taking cover from the explosion near my home and waking to a man standing over me with a note. He said, ‘Take this to the queen.’ ” he repeated.

“What is your name child and why is it that you speak with a Hanseni accent?” She said relaxing and sheathing her sword.

“Xion, my dear queen. My mother she is- was… she was Hansei, I’m sorry.” He lowered his head picking at his buttons on his shirt. She came toward him, and lefted his head.

“Why do you apologize, have you done somethig wrong?” She asked narrowing her eyes carfully examining his brown skin and pinched eyes.

“My mother died leavig me with my father who came here to get away from outstanding warrants. But do not tell him or I will surely be in trouble. I tell only you, dear queen, I can not lie to you.” He said as tears welled into his eyes. She brushed them away.

“Calm your heart child, I mean you no ill intent. I will not tell your father, I promise.” She said and looked at Dahlon. He stared at the child bubbling with amussment.

“What is your problem Prince Dahlon?” She asked.

“Well I’m sure you shall not be amussed by my thoughts. Please your Majesty, rest assured I mean nothing by my amussment.” He chuckled.

“Yes well, please tell me more about your mother’s prophecy. Mainly regarding the purpose of finding this ‘Ninth’.” She said.

“Ah yes, the Ninth, she is a being of great mystery in our culture. But I do know she absolves the gods of there wrong doings.” He said tapping the back if his hand. This confused Alia for she had never been spanked.

“So how would we find her?” She looked at him.

“Of course we need a map but only my knight, whom you’ve killed. Your actions are at fault.” He said. Alia glared and sighed not wanting to admit she may have set herself back.

“My lady.” Lucian entered and paused in the door way. “Who is this child your coddling?” He asked puzzled.

“I rare creature in deed Sir Lucian. He is here to give me a message that connects him to us for unknow purposes.” Alia said turning to him. He walked forward and examined the boy and narrowed his eyes. The boy frowed and held on to the queen.

“Why are you here?” He sighed. Alia gave him the note and peered at him. “Is he special?” He asked.

“I’d like to believe so or he would not be before us.” She said and stroked the childs head. “But on to bigger matters. We need to find the ‘Ninth’ but we’ve killed the only one with the knowledge to find it.” She said. Lucian sighed and stroked his dark black hair.

“I believe that the child may be of services.” Dahlon said wide eyed. “Xion what did the man look like that gave you the message?” He asked.

“He was talk and had light hair I think. With light skin and dark eyes like yours sir.” He said.

“Of course, he gave it to you, very smart of him.” He said in awe, ” I’m impressed by my knights resourcefulness”.

“Smarter than you.” Alia mumbled.

“So he gave the map to the Ninth to Xion?” Lucian asked he looked at the child. “Do you remember this?” He said looking concerned.

“No I only remember waking after the explosion. I woke and saw only the man and grandfather.” He said talking to Lucian exclusively. He mumbled an apology and retreated closer to the queen.

“Dahlon how would your knight go about giving Xion the map?” Alia asked.

“He must have imprinted it into the child.” He said looking at Xion.

“So how do we proceed?” She asked him confused.

“We must simply ask for directions.” Dahlon grinned. Lucian glared at him and looked at Alia and then at Xion. He sighed and stroked his head.

“My lady I will prepare further provisions regarding Xion.” Lucian bowed.

“As you should.” She said and turned to face Xion. “I will have you dressed and prepare a room we leave at down tomorrow.” She said and tussled his hair.

Lucian turned, “I will accompany the boy to fitting and i will then return him to you.” He offered. Alia looked at the boy if he approved. He looked at her innocent and obedient just like Lucian. He bowed and followed the knight out the door.

“Strange pair, huh?” Dahlon said as he looked to the queen. He stared her up in down examining her figure. Her posture was that of knight rather than a queen. He focused on her sword and the way her hips never wavered to the weight.

She wasn’t very big but she was not skinny. She had breast that filling her too small corset and wide hips. Alia looked. Back at him, “How long are you going to stare?” She asked leaning towards him.

“Are you inviting me to do something else?” He grinned seductively.

“Yes, to leave my room and prepare to dinner.” she growled and walked to the door and waved him out. “And please feel free to call on a servant for a suite.” She smiled sweetly and slammed the door.
The kings funeral ran quickly in the evening and was over by midnight. The people morned the lost of a royal but celebrated the end of tyranny and selfishness. Queen Alia sat at her thrown wallowing in wine. She was not prepared for a long journey or adventure. She was not up to the task of saving her country from evil forces. She felt weak and as if she had no control.

Her self pity acted as her sorrow for the king. She sipped her wine and nibbled on a pear looking out at her laughing court. Knights and high officials wishes her the best. Lucian sat at the end of her table covered by women.

“He seems so innocent, but he is surrounded by women.” Alia snorted. She quickly sat up and corrected herself. “Why should I care about his affairs?” She mumbled to herself. She looked at him once again meeting his eyes. She gasped and looked away and gave conversation to a servant offering more whine.
At dawn she sat near her horse half asleep as she waited for Lucian to fetch Xion. Dahlon stood nodding off every minute or so then gasped to keep his balance. “How much longer are they going to take?” Dahlon mumbled.

“He just left, are you so impatient you are too much like a child.” She mumbled leaning agaisnt her sword.

“The edge of the north is were my mothers resides, I wish only to protect her.” He said.

“You love your mother?” She asked blinking awake. He looked back at her with a hard face.

“We love those who hurt us, I believe. Which I believe is mans fatal flaw to do so.” He said and turned around just as Lucian arrived with Xion. He carried the sleeping child in his arms. “He sleeps like hes never slept before.” He said as he stood him up. “Child awaken!” He shouted. Xion awoke searching at his surroundings in blocking postion. He was ready to fend off an enemy.

“Father it is too early to be awakened.” He mumbled through tired lips. His eyes barely open. “The sun has yet to rise.” He mumbled before Alia tapped his head.

“Awaken you silly child.” She giggled in amussment.

“Mother.” He opened his eyes almost welling with tears. He snapped awake when he faced a dazed queen. She wanted to apologize for upetting him but hesitated.

“Well now that everyone is awake shall we depart.” Lucian said breaking the akward stride. He walked to the horse Xion and he would be riding. “Come child we ride together.” He said.

“How will we be procceding?” Alia asked climbing on to her own horse. She wore riding shorts and serpent armor that covered her breast, back and shoulder. Everything hugged her and allowed her to move freely.

“We will exit the city and regroup out side the gates of Faira.” He said. Lucian wore his usual knight attire, royal black suit with grey serpent armor same as Alias. He wore a belt with the seal that marked him a ruthless killer, a blind dragon.

“That is a six hour ride.” Groaned Dahlon. He sat atop his horse. His eyes closed as he pouted. He wore a buttoned dark blue shirt cut off at his shoulders. With gloves that covers his two of his fingers and reached up his arm. His pant belted at his waist with a Hanseni seal of a women with 6 eyes.

They rode off into the dawn while the world slept. Alia looked back to her castle as it strunk. She sighed and looked forward into a the night. Even if she doubted herself she would do anything to safe her country.


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