The Queen of her Guard Chapter 1

The war was raging in the cold winter country of Syburin. The Queen sat at her desk in her room at the end of the hall of her husband’s tall pearl castle. She waited to be called to dinner as she worked on the reports of her guards. They’d died the other day from poisoning and couldn’t be revived with any amount of magic. She sighed. “I should order new knights” she said to herself. A knock at her unguarded door made her jump. Skilled at she was in elemental magic, she would be no match for a fully grown man. Unless she had a sword, then she had a chance. She glared at the door, “Come in.”

“My Queen, pardon me, I’ve received a message of audience, may I come in.” A tall man looked down at the ground bowing slightly at his shoulders. He carried no sword and had the official colors of a Racktu. A knight so powerful in magic and swords he had a arsenal at his fingertips, literally.

“You may enter, Sir.” The Queen said as she studied the man. Him unarmed meant something to her. He was dangerous and should be inspected. “Your audience is?” She said trailing the side if her desk with her hands.

He looked up. He held her gaze with pinched and black eyes that betrayed his menacing stance. He bowed, one hand behind his back and a fist and knee to the ground. “Your Majesty I request a kinship with you. Rather I request to be yours and serve only you.”

“You seek knightship!” She shot up blushing at his ridiculous request. “Rackti are not knights that guard the Queen.” she said flustered knowing no other reason how should could get him to leave.

“My Queen surely you can find reason, the end times of war are upon us and peace is at the tip of our fingers. With the treaty upon us-” the knight said assuring her of his usefulness.

“Silence” she said shouted she stared out at the man. He was tall and had broad shoulders, long arms. His black eyes where locked on her with intent that beamed rays of obedience. She cleared her throat. “I wouldn’t need two guards with you by my side and betrayal would be more obvious….” she considered. She looked up to the god that taunted her with this strong man. She didn’t want him here but she needed an ally and she begged god for such and here it is. She sighed. “When I call, you come and what I say, you do, no questions asked.” She said. She looked at him. Shy of his softening gaze.

“Yes my Queen” he said and saluted, fist to chest. “I shall serve you well” he said. “How may I address you?” He asked. The Queen turned to him face red and flustered.

“To address me you say, you mean my name” she pointed to herself. As she said that, she notice herself. She was completely undone. She vowed never to be undone by a man unless she was in love. It was too soon to be in love with someone she only just met. She felt foolish. “Alia, Alia of the Syburin Empire.”

“Queen Alia, it is a pleasure.” The knight said. “You may call me Lucian Alstom” He bowed and lift his head staring at the queen both flustered and ferocious. He smiled, ‘This shall be interesting’, he thought, ‘Yes or a disaster.’

Queen Alia stood and walked up to the knight. He was handsome, taller than her by a while foot, grinning peacefully. She pouted, she didn’t like this man. “Come, my husband has called me for dinner. You shall come and be at my very foot.” She said, posed in everyway.
They arrived at the dinning hall door agape ready for entrance when the queen stopped in her steps. She’d seen her husband with silhouettes of his mistresses in the night but never in full light. She searched the air for an answer and then the ground. She was at a lost.

“Lady Alia what is the matter?” said Lucian he, had lean in to see her expression. He show her lost, confused and out of wits. This brought him back and he grabbed her pulling her aside. “My lady?” He said with a soft voice and concern.

“Hm?” She sounded. She blinked, “I have a troubled with myself. My…my husband is smitten with everyone woman, I must warn you, aside from me!” She said angry, maybe even heart broken. She sighed and related information from herself to her body, ‘You don’t need to care, he shall be dead or exiled for his feats against my Queendom’ she thought to herself.

“My lady?” Lucian said as he stood in front of her holding her hands. She searched for his question only to find concerns. A concept she was not familiar in receiving. “Is something that mans done to you. He may be your husband but crimes against the born queen is treason.” He said. “So, is something the matter? This sound more like a demand to answer than a concerning question.

The Queen shook her head, “Rather he is quick to shout when I ask of his mistresses but I also am at fault for my behavior in men.” She sighed again and pulled away from the knight. She walked into the dinning hall with a fake smile and low spirits. She ate, she chatted with the officials that occasionally sat with her husband and his several years younger mistresses. The night ended with her returning to her room, alone. Not entirely, Lucian Alstom was her knight now and he would stand in a fire pit if she asked.
Later in the night she slept, drawn into a crazed dream she was fighting side by side Lucian with ferocious freshwater serpents screaming and attaching themselves together to fight her and her aid. Then won and cheered as they venture towards more danger.

A thud woke her up from her merry making and high wine. She woke to see that Lucian had tripped over a night stand. “My apologies my lady there seems to be danger afoot.” He stood and cut on the oil fueled lights.

“The only danger afoot is the foot I will bestow upon your arse, Sir Lucian Alstom!” She said, her face red, flustered, and angry. She grabbed her throwing daggers that always laid by her side and throw them at the puzzled knight.

“Whoa!” He shouted, he dogged and flipped and tumbled. She was a good marksmen, but he was faster than she could throw. He rolled forward towards her and grabbed her hand. She dropped her blade and screamed. The noise had attracted near by guards. And before they could open the door they heard a loud clap.

“Your Majesty!?” They entered armed and ready. She turned and screamed.

“Out with you all, you high class perverts!” She ordered, feeling exposed and rushed on. She never felt so humiliated in her life. Her, the queen of a country was seen in her most vulnerable state. They rushed out in a hurry. She was outraged, she wanted them dead by her hands. She was ready to die herself when a loud explosion splashed the glass of her windows all over her room.

She got dressed, something she could move around in. She put on the inner suit from her armor. It was tight but allowed her movement and flexibility. It was a short dragon leathered dress that covered her arms, neck and all the way down to her arse. She didn’t like how short the skirt was it showed to much leg.

The guards and Lucian had arrived ready to report and tell of the explosion.

“My lady we have been infiltrated by the Hanseni. I believe that they attack with the intention of disturbing the treaty with Sydne” said one knight.

“They’ve bombed the entrance to the northern capital gates” the other said as another explosion closer erupted.

“My lady you seem prepared for battle you act to fight?” Asked Lucian stepping fourth. His face red with a small hand print, hers. He was concerned, ‘Surely this tiny women did not wish to commute to battle.’ He thought.

“I act to fight for peace, and my country” she said arming herself with multiple blades and a sword as tall as herself. She didn’t seem like much but she was a Racktu just like Lucian. She was to keep this a secret, so she trained with the best and pretend to get stronger. Though some may rumor her a goddess of sort she was just a little stronger than most humans.

“You act to fight, we shall accompany you.” Said one of the guards.

“Then gather two more, we set out in in 15 minutes ready my horse.” She said as she was about to exit her room, “Oh and  tell the priest to ready a service.”

“My I ask why Queen?” Said the same guard.

“The king is dead.” She said and exited her room.
Lucian and the guards followed her out  from her room. Lucian followed her as she walked to her husbands suite. “What do you mean the king is dead?”

“I’m going to kill him”

“Whoa, wait, kill him” he stopped her.

“Yes kill him, he is useless, he is a threat and he does not want peace. Who else would allow Hanseni to gather in my capital. Who would give them the papers to do so.” She said and pulled away.

“Where is your evidence?” He shouted.

“The evidence is for my eyes only Sir Lucian!” She barked.

“Thus is treason! If you’ve evidence” He shouted, “thus is a task for court and council and debate!”

She trailed back, “You stand tall and proud for your country do you not?”

“Aye”, He glared, “I do.”

“See to it the people are safe and cared for, do you not?”

“Aye, I do”

“Then death it is!” She said and walked to his room Lucian followed. “Girls you are dismissed, I have an audience with the king” She announced. They awed and pouted their way away from their beloved king. As they lined up to leave she sprinted fourth and sliced their throats open her small blade. They fell one by one.

“My lady-“, screamed Lucian. Alia turned and unsheathed her sword to point it at her knight.

“You question me?” she said in a threating tone though her face was soft she was uncaring and glared at him.

“No my lady, I only suggest.” He said calmly the swords tip kicked his chin as she tilted her head in uncertainty.

“You wish to become a victim or an accomplice?”

“I am forever in you favor my dear Queen” he said. “I am forever in your line of trust, love, body, and soul.” He smirked. She looked at him shocked at his slight stare at her breast. His gaze slid to her waist and hips. She gasped.

“You unsightly pervert!” She spun and slapped her knight with the flat side of her handy sword. He fell and slammed against the floor with a power enough to dent it. He was fine, and unconscious, he was Rackti after all he had the powers of the gods.

She spun to her shocked and white washed husband. “All of you are so treasonous!” She said as she sliced her sword through him. She ripped off his seal of her country. “Traitors do not deserve honor. You are a coward.” She spat on his corpse and turned.

Alia washed away her husbands blood in the pools of his baths. Its was cool water that smelt of jasmine and cider. A strange combination that brought her back to her wedding. She would have merged with the memory right then if Lucian hadn’t stumbled into the bathe.

“My lady, you and I need an audience.” He said slowly. He breathed deeply letting the cool air of the bathe fill his lungs. “First about how you attack one such as myself, your actions against the king, and then why you are so set on smacking those who only jest.” he said and laughed and he touched his head unaware of the soul crushing anger that welled in side of his queen.

“You only jest!?” She shouted.

“I only jest.” He said smiling as she glared at him ready to slice him into pieces just as the guards had come. One guard entered the bathe just as another bomb had just gone off. This one was so close they could  smell it.

“Are the horses ready Sir?” Asked Alia.

“Yes my queen.” He said his face sunken with fear and hard with obedience. “The king is dead, the capital is under attack, and you are the only charge that we left.”

Alia laughed and sheathed her sword. “I’ve always been your only charge.” she as she exited the bathe.


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